Skipper CMS

An old-school content management system for most.

Content Management System (CMS)


A computer software system for organizing and facilitating collaborative creation of documents and other content, especially for displaying content to a website or mobile application.


API first CMS. Skipper is a fully-fledged content management infrastructure as much as it is a content management system.
Your content model your way. You're never restricted to a blessed content model, a la category/tags for pages/posts.
Lightweight and fast; API calls to Skipper CMS will not be your bottleneck. Skipper CMS makes heavy use of caching.
100% committed to open source; you can see exactly what the code does and make improvements. See sourcehut.
Easy to use for all. We keep a big tent. No matter your background, Skipper CMS is committed to assisting you well.
Quickly setup staging and test environments for your data. Tailored use for your environments.
Approachable documention. Examples provided in cURL. Use from your programming language or runtime of choice.
Freedom respecting license. The four essential freedoms are upheld under the EUPL v1.2 license. Compatible with AGPL v3.



$0 / forever

  • Non-commercial use
  • One space
  • One user
  • 60 API requests/min
  • Donation recommended


$15 / mo

  • Commercial use
  • Five spaces
  • 15 users
  • 60 API requests/min
  • File uploads


$50 / mo

  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited spaces
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited API requests/min
  • File uploads

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